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Big Day Out: Margaret River Wineries are a Must

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When Margies Big Day out decided to turn tours into “big days” it hit on a winning recipe. It combined wine and beer tastings with cheese and chocolate, ensuring that everybody would be more than happy. But Margaret River’s wineries are the backbone of any tour, and the company has found a winning combination ranging from the sleek and well-known to great wineries that are slightly off the beaten tourist track.

The one thing they all have in common is good wine, and this sampling will touch on some of the tour highlights one might enjoy when exploring Margaret River, either on their own, or with a Margies tour guide to act as designated driver for the day. After all, with so much to enjoy, it would be a shame to abstain. The company visits a wide range of wineries – too many to mention in one quick read – but this quick sampling of the many options Margaret River and Margies Tours have to offer should whet the curiosity and get the planning going for the next Big Day Out.

Tassell Park Winery

It’s a boutique winery, but although it’s not known to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, it’s a favourite with locals and visitors alike. The award-winning wines it produces and serves up to visitors are second only to the welcoming and surprisingly down-to-earth personalities that welcome its visitors. This winery is so pleasant and friendly that one would almost be ready to forgive it for some rather run-of-the-mill wine – but there’s no need to. Just about every visitor is eager to snap up a bottle, or even a case, of Tassell Park’s finest.

Brookwood Estate

Find out what happens when a family gives it their all. Enjoying magnificent views and gorgeous gardens is just the beginning. Brookwood is known for its hospitality, and of course, its locally grown and produced wine. Even if it weren’t for the wine, the ambiance would make this spot a pleasure to visit. With wine factored in, it’s as close to perfect as one can get.

Hay Shed Hill

It took a handful of pioneering farmers to turn Margaret River into one of Australia’s prime wine destinations. Hay Shed Hill is one of the family estates that transformed a backwater into a wine region, and it has some of the oldest vineyards in the area. As for the wines, decades of experience have transformed them into an artform and they’re highly-rated among wine aficionados and ordinary visitors alike.

Evans & Tate

It’s worth visiting this Margaret River winery just for the vista. Add the highly acclaimed wine to the equation for a winning combination. Among the region’s pioneering wineries, this estate has grown from strength to strength, and offers a palate-pleasing range of wines that absolutely must be sampled during any visit to Margaret River.

Windance Estate

Situated just 5km from Yallingup beach, this evocatively-named winery with its striking logo has a few surprises in store. The wines won’t be found just anywhere. The family produces small amounts of organic wine with a focus on quality, but that doesn’t mean visitors won’t be able to chill out and be themselves. The atmosphere is as relaxed as the wines are excellent, and the Margies bus is always accorded a friendly welcome on Big Days Out to remember.

Margies Big Day Out Tours Sample the Area’s Finest Wine

There are so many amazing wineries in the Margaret River area that it would be impossible to fit all of them into one tour. Margies Big Day Out focuses on the route, keeping bus ride times to a minimum and fun times at the maximum. The wineries are an important part of every tour, and those hoping to visit specific spots can tailor their own bespoke tours with help from owner Russel and his team of energetic locals. Margaret River Wineries are a must, and with Margies Big Day Out as a guide, one can be sure of a carefree day sampling wines wherever the flavours are great and the hospitality is warm.

For more information visit Margies Big Day Out | Beer & Wine Tours Margaret River WA website or call their team of experts on +61 416 180 493.

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