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Making the Most of What Margaret River is Most Famous For

Making the Most of What Margaret River is Most Famous For

Get in on the action that is Western Australia’s most celebrated destination.

All things considered, Australia’s magical summer vibes and the festive fizz that comes with it, makes it easy to put all of one’s good energy to use in a place that is known for its wineries, breweries, beaches, forests and eateries.

But first, a bit of history to get those inspirational juices flowing…

The Story Of Margaret River

Around 50,000 years ago the Noongar people lived in perfect harmony with nature in this area that is known as Margaret River today. Artifacts and remains were found in the Devil’s Lair cave just a few miles from where the town is situated today.

Back in 1857, the most notable early pioneers of this region, the Bussell family, lived in the Ellensbrook House (a very popular Margaret River landmark) and then moved to the Wallcliffe House in 1865 – an estate covering land between Cowaramup and the Donnelly River.

In 1913, this Western Australian gem was gazetted and in 1920, the Group Settlement Scheme contributed to a welcoming rise in development and population.

The 1930’s saw the rise of dairy farming and in this age, Margaret River is home to some of the finest chocolate factories crafting artisan delicacies from local produce.

In 1969, Margaret River hosted the Australian National Surfing Title and became a hotspot for surfers who paddled the waters with bravery, but it was also the time when the wine industry was on the rise and with the abundance of casual employment, the surfers not only got to sample some of the best waves along the Australian coast but also excellent wine. “There are legends that tell stories of surfers catching waves down at the beach from as far back as 1920, so there has always been this appeal to this place,” says Hogan.

The region was identified as a premium wine region when a cardiologist, Dr Cullity opened the doors to the very first commercial vineyard at Vasse Felix.

Soon after, Moss Wood, Cape Mentelle, Cullens and Sandalford wineries all found their footing along the rich soil of Margaret River before 1972.

By 1980, 40 new wineries had opened in the region, and the rest, as they say, is viticulture history.

The Margaret River Collective

Margaret River is an uber scenic travel destination filled with fun for everyone – even those who don’t imbibe. But for those who do, this is a place dotted with beer, cider and wine producers waiting to share their pride and joy with people from all walks of life.

The 3-hour coastal drive from Perth leads to a must-visit destination… Expect stunning wildlife, pristine beaches, lush forests, a refined culinary reputation, art culture, wineries, cheese and chocolate factories, combined with a laid-back atmosphere that pours into the evenings as live-music venues welcome the night owls.

With a string of award-winning restaurants and cafes around every corner, a trip to the Margaret River leaves plenty of room for choice and to be spoiled with anything from casual to first-class dining. The entire experience is heightened to new levels when enjoying a meal with a rare bottle of wine from the region’s beautiful wine farms.

“Many of Margaret River’s passionate chefs have been awarded at the prestigious Tasting Australia Regional Culinary competition and are recognised throughout Australia for imaginative food and wine matching,” says Margies Big Day Out owner Russell Hogan.

Consequently, the number of Gold-Plate Awards continues to grow; a tribute to those who are undeniably amongst the world’s greatest.

With that in mind, reservations during peak periods are highly recommended for many of the top winery restaurants. The main streets usually offer a great selection of restaurants and cafes for evening dining, but when in doubt, ask Google.

And while there might be search engines to rely on, this region is simply too much to explore and experience in a single weekend, so opt for a guided tour with the region’s most trusted tour operator, Margies Big Day Out.

Travel Plans, Covered

To make the most of a visit to this treasure chest, Margies Big Day Out centres their excursions around the beer and wine culture of the region. With tour experience of over 13 years, this team guides their guests along the region’s finest with finesse.

On a typical day out, guests can expect to visit three wineries and two breweries, plus a trip to Margaret River’s most prolific cheese and chocolate factories. Hogan also added that “It’s advisable to arrive hungry since the tasting experience only serves as a build-up to a glorious gourmet lunch at a famous brewery.”

The Margies Big Day Out team offers 3 different tours to choose from, but also welcome private tours that may be customised to suit individual needs.

After a day out with the region’s experts on all things Margaret River, extend the experience by visiting art galleries, taking a walk along the white, sandy shores of Yallingup, followed by a few sundowners at Meelup Beach. ” It’s definitely a great way to wrap up a day of sightseeing and putting one’s tasting buds to the test,” muses Hogan.

Life simply doesn’t get any sweeter than this, but on second thought, perhaps not as sweet as the memories that come with a journey like this.

For more information visit Margies Big Day Out | Beer & Wine Tours Margaret River WA website or call their team of experts on +61 416 180 493.

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