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Margaret River: The Rapid Rise of a Star Region

Wine Beer Cider Chocolate Tasting Tours of Margaret River Wineries and Breweries

It’s easy to see why many visitors fall head over feet for Margaret River and the attractions that made this region one of Australia’s top travel destinations to date.

Journey along premium wineries, extraordinary architecture and stunning vistas of rippling vineyards disappearing into the lush forests that gradually open up to the glorious beaches of the warm Southern Indian Ocean.

The Margaret River Fine-Print

With over 200 world-class wineries, stunning ocean scenery, majestic forests, gourmet food, and boutique accommodation, Margaret River has become a sought-after location for romantic getaways, family vacations and group excursions.

It’s a town bursting at the seams with creative energy that continues well after sundown as the night comes alive with live music venues, cozy restaurants and wine bars serving fare that is own to the region. The soul of Margaret River is a diverse and mesmerising one that creates lasting memories and urges many a visitor to return once again.

“This little gem is the gift that keeps on giving and it’s impossible to see and experience everything this region has to offer in a single weekend, and that is why there is almost always a high number of return visitors who fell in love with Margaret River at first sight,” says Margies Big Day Out owner Russell Hogan, who runs day tours centred around wine, beer and chocolate tastings since 2013.

“We’ve become famous for our boutique breweries, distilleries, cheesemakers, chocolatiers, olive oil producers, bakeries, wine bars and restaurants. It’s a food lover’s dream come true,” continues Hogan.

It doesn’t end there. Nature lovers find solace along the stunning white-sand beaches and within the karri forests and caves dotted alongside the vineyards that lead into town. Hogan also observed that “sometimes people come here and never leave – which is very relatable.”

Never A Dull Moment

Margies Big Day Out operates throughout the year thanks to the region’s mild Mediterranean climate that welcomes holidaymakers from all over the globe.

“Temperatures rarely exceed 32-degrees centigrade in summer and winter the average mean usually falls between 16 to 18 degrees, but not even the winter rain stops people from planning their trips to Margaret River,” says Hogan.

Naturally, Spring and Autumn are equally popular times to visit when the daily temperatures average in the low 20s. Autumn sees an increase in tourists who favour wine culture and the events that are built around the presentation of new harvests. But the best time of year remains Summer when the beaches are lined with sun worshippers and surfers alike.

Russell Hogan’s Top 5 Things to Do In Margaret River

Apart from suggesting one of his tours, Hogan likes to share tips with his guests about things they can do after a beer and wine excursion with his team and he usually encourages the following:

  • Stock up on fresh local produce at Farmers Market on a Saturday morning alongside anyone from restauranteurs to residents, “it’s a great place to catch up over a quick cup of coffee too.” says Hogan.
  • Hogan adds that “everyone must watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean at Surfer’s Point in Prevelley. It’s life-changing.”
  • Visit the Lake and Mammoth Caves to see the highly decorative limestone and crystal formations only 20 minutes from town by car.
  • “I almost always suggest further exploration of other winery restaurants, cellar doors and providores in and around town,” enthuses Hogan.
  • Take a walk along the stunning National and State forest trails just a few minutes from town to experience a different face of Margaret River.

To conclude, Hogan suggests travelling by car to reach points of interest around town, “but then again, that is what we are here for – to show our guests these places at a leisurely pace with the help of our tours,” he says.

Discovering the hidden treasures of Margaret River is accessible and worth the buck. Plus, it’s a place that genuinely deserves far more than the title of ‘top-notch travel destination’ – it’s a way of life that ought to be celebrated and shared with friends, family and that special person.

For more information visit Margies Big Day Out | Beer & Wine Tours Margaret River WA website or call their team of experts on +61 416 180 493.

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